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Diocese of Connecticut


Genesis 28:20


Bishop Kelly W. Allen
Presiding Prelate

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Diocese of Connecticut 

The Connecticut Diocese recently celebrated a centennial move of the Holy Ghost. This Constitution State began with humble beginnings under the appointed leadership of Rev. Missionary L. C. Clarke and her family. They began having bible study in her home and when her apartment was too small to house the number of souls interested in hearing and learning about the Holiness of faith, Rev. Missionary Clarke was advised by our 2nd Administrator, Chief Overseer, Bishop M. F. L Keith to acquire a store front building. This building was 29 Canton Street located in Hartford, CT.


**Note: Although the actual building was demolished, we researched and found where the original location is located. Today.

Many pioneers such as Bishop Sally A. Fleeting, Bishop John T. Thomas, Bishop George Morgan, Bishop M. D. Whitehead, Bishop Lonnie Bennett, Bishop P. J. Fletcher, Bishop C. B. Rampley, Rev. A. L. Conway, Chief Helper, Bishop Kelly Allen and many others who have paved the way for the churches and missions established in Connecticut.


We currently have 4 local bands in the state of Connecticut. Band #1 Hartford (Gen. Elder Hollis Whitehead, Pastor), Band #2 Hartford (Tr. Elder Pauline Graham, Pastor), Middletown (Elder Gilgad Davis, Pastor) and New Haven (State Elder Hilda Alston, Pastor). Continue to pray for us that God will continue to allow the legacy to flourish another 100 years.

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