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Young Folks and Friends Union


About the YFFU

 This is our youth page. As young people in the House Of God Church we often like to have fun. During our state and general assemblies we always find a way to get together and just have a great time. Our youth can offer plenty of social skills, communicating with different youth from across the diocese, and most of all self and pear knowledge about each other. 

Purpose of YFFU

1. To intelligently train our young people in the doctrine of true Holiness

2. To make their influences in true Holiness meaningful

3. To develop an appreciation for the pioneers of the past

4. To inspire them to grow in Knowledge, Faith, and Purity

5. To assist our youth in finding their places in the Church


Learn More about YFFU

Eldaer Raynard Brant

International YFFU Coordinator 

Trial Elder Christopher Coffee 

International YFFU President

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