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The House of God Church Responds to Hurricane Beryl in Jamaica

July 3, 2024



The House of God Church, Inc.

Branch Office

P. 843-364-8140

In the wake of Hurricane Beryl, the strongest hurricane to strike Jamaica in over a decade, The House of God Church is actively monitoring the situation from our Headquarters and Branch Office. Beryl delivered a blow to Jamaica on Wednesday, with damaging winds, surging water, and flooding rainfall. Our diocese officials are maintaining close communication with local church officials, members, and communities to assess the situation as it develops.

The Category 4 storm, which earlier wreaked havoc across the eastern Caribbean and resulted in at least seven fatalities, approached Jamaica early Wednesday morning, indicating a potential weakening from its peak Category 5 strength on Tuesday. Despite this, forecasters still face challenges in predicting the hurricane's intensity as it moves towards the Yucatán and possibly restrengthens in the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend.

Immediate Impact and Preparations:

Residents in all affected areas are cautioned to take proactive measures to protect themselves and their property.

Our Response:

There are severe threats posed by Beryl, including storm surge, high winds, and flash flooding. In light of these dangers, Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness has mobilized security forces to maintain public order and assist with disaster relief, urging residents in low-lying areas to evacuate.

Call to Action:

We urge all residents to stay safe and heed the warnings and directives of local authorities. The House of God Church will continue to offer prayers and support for everyone affected by this devastating hurricane.

If you wish to assist financially towards our disaster preparedness in Jamaica and around the world you may “click donate” at any time. The memo area for your donation should state, “disaster preparedness.”

For more information or to offer assistance, please contact our office or visit our website.

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