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Diocese of Tennessee

The House of God Church - Keith Dominion


Bishop William B. Carter, Jr.
Presiding Prelate

Welcome to the Headquarters Diocese of Tennessee which with great history and vision for the future. It is even lead by the Youngest Bishop in our church.

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Diocese of Tennessee 

The House of God Church - Keith Dominion

Whenever your travels find you in Tennessee's largest city of Nashville, be sure and visit The Headquarters Church at 2005 Heiman Street where Presiding State Elder William Carter, Jr.,  currently serves as Senior Pastor.  This church is full of love and Holy Ghost  power! You'll also find an active young adult ministry, jubilant music, dynamic preaching and awe-inspiring teaching on a regular basis. The testimonies alone will impact your life! When you visit, schedule a tour of our international headquarters campus.  Check out the main edifice, museum, recording studio, gymnasium and much more! 

We are proud that the founder of our church organization personally established the ministry located in Chattanooga, TN.  Some of our most treasured historians still worship in the pews at 2020 Blackford Street where Elder P. Stephon Smiley, Sr. is the head clergy. Noted for community activism and servitude, this Keith Dominion stronghold leaves an impression on all who enter its doors.  While they have arguably some of the best cooks in the city who will take pride in nourishing your body, they will not let you leave until they've thoroughly nourished your soul. A life-changing experience awaits you in the heart of the Tennessee Valley! Won't you come?  


Phone Number: (423) 698-6258 

Near the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in world-famous Knoxville, TN is a prophetic ministry for the ages at 2334 Parkview Avenue. The lead pastor, Presiding Elder Nicole Walker and the lovely congregation await your presence within the evangelical walls of a church long known for operating in the gifts of the Spirit. This church has a rich legacy of street ministry. Many people have stumbled through the doors in need of an uplift and encountered the magnificent power of God. Compassion is their banner!  Come and let them love on you.  You'll leave feeling encouraged and refreshed.

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