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To serve as a beacon of light. To Lead the unsaved out of sin and degradation into light and uplift of Christ and unto the kingdom of God by promulgating the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Our Church!

Welcome, to the Online Home for the House of God Church Keith Dominion. No matter how you ended up on this site we are glad you are here, and we appreciate the moment to tell you a little more about us.

The House of God Church- Keith Dominion is an international Pentecostal denomination founded by Bishop (Mother) Mary Magdalena Lewis-Tate in 1903. Our church reaches across the united states with various churches and missions both domestic and abroad.

To date, we are one church in over 100 locations across the global and growing every day. Most regions in our church are run by Bishops who oversee an area of churches called a diocese. These Dioceses come together annually for various moments of fellowship, empowerment, and Christian education of clergy and members.

Here are a few things you should know:

We all have the same name: No matter if you’re in New York or California, all of our churches have and carry the same name. It is easy to spot the name of church, “The House of God, Which Is the Church of the living God, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Inc. – Keith Dominion.”

What to expect in our services: The House of God Church is a Holiness church and charismatic in expression. We believe in worshiping God and praising Him. You may be new, but we are a welcoming church that invites you to worship with us. From choirs to evangelistic preaching each service will be a time to get closer to God.

In most of our congregations, Sunday school ‪starts at 9:30am with worship experiences to begin ‪at 11:45pm. Have children? Well Sunday school is a great place for them to connect with other kids of their age and learn about the Bible in a safe environment. Each of our classes are run to ensure child safety standards.

Our music: A hallmark of the House of God Church is our unique sound The Sacred Steel Music. Most congregations in our denomination utilize the Steel Guitar as a lead instrument with organs, drums, and other instruments accompanying it. This gives us a unique sound and an unforgettable worship experience.

Our ministry: Beyond our worship experience our Church believes in doing the work of Lord in various facets. The church has several ministries which we call “auxiliaries”. These range from Youth Ministry called the Young Folks and Friends Union (YFFU) to the International Missionary Outreach Society (IMOS). We even have an auxiliary to support the emergency needs of our congregants called Courtesy-Welfare.

We are glad you are visiting The House of God Church Keith Dominion and we look forward to seeing you.