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Global Pandemic Response Council

Image by Martin Sanchez
Image by National Cancer Institute

“Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule and mind the same thing,”. Philippians 3:16.

I thank the pandemic council for their continued work and updates.  I also thank each of you for your patience and adherence to the protocols we have instituted for the health safety of our congregations.

The Pandemic Council recommended today, 1. All current protocols remain in place until further notice, 2. The sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and feet washing be held in abeyance until further notice and 3. encourage our members to consult with their primary care physicians for receiving the 3rd and current booster vaccine.  Along with the SEC, I concur and approve this recommendation.

About the GPRC

The purpose of the Chief Overseer’s Global Pandemic Response Council is to help provide health education and direction (wherever necessary) to the leadership of the House of God Church (specifically to the Chief Overseer and the Supreme Executive Council).


Global Pandemic Response Council Members: 


Mary Evans, MD (Wisconsin Diocese)

Cheryl Westmoreland, MD (Indiana Diocese)


Leslie Sykes, RN, BSN, MSNA (South Carolina Diocese)


Bishop E. James Lucas (Indiana Diocese)

Gen. Eld. Christanel Butler, RN (Florida WC Diocese)

Ajalon Carter, RN, BSN (Tennessee Diocese)


Selena Fluker, RN (Ohio Diocese)


Clary Butler, Jr., JD (South Carolina Diocese)

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