Global Pandemic Response Council

Image by Martin Sanchez
Image by National Cancer Institute

About the GPRC

The purpose of the Chief Overseer’s Global Pandemic Response Council is to help provide health education and direction (wherever necessary) to the leadership of the House of God Church (specifically to the Chief Overseer and the Supreme Executive Council).



Global Pandemic Response Council Members: 


Mary Evans, MD (Wisconsin Diocese)

Cheryl Westmoreland, MD (Indiana Diocese)


Leslie Sykes, RN, BSN, MSNA (South Carolina Diocese)


Tr. Bishop E. James Lucas (Indiana Diocese)

Gen. Eld. Christanel Butler, RN (Florida WC Diocese)

Ajalon Carter, RN, BSN (Tennessee Diocese)


Selena Fluker, RN (Ohio Diocese)


Clary Butler, Jr., JD (South Carolina Diocese)

Let’s Work Together

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