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Global Response Team

Global Pandemic Response Council

Global Response Team

Mary Evans, MD (Wisconsin Diocese)
Ph. (608) 346-4468

Cheryl Westmoreland, MD (Indiana Diocese)
Ph. (317) 362-6729

Leslie Sykes, RN, BSN, MSNA (South Carolina Diocese)
Ph. (843) 557-9707

Tr. Bishop E. James Lucas (Indiana Diocese)
Ph. (336) 473-4335

Gen. Eld. Christanel Butler, RN (Florida WC Diocese)
Ph. (352) 598-7274

Ajalon Carter, RN, BSN (Tennessee Diocese)
Ph. (615) 299 6996

Selena Fluker, RN (Ohio Diocese)

Clary Butler, Jr., JD (South Carolina Diocese)

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