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Diocese of Massachusetts

The House of God Church - Keith Dominion

Bishop Kelly W. Allen 
Presiding Prelate

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Diocese of Massachusetts 

The House of God - Keith Dominion

The Stoughton Band is under the leadership of Chief Helper, Bishop Kelly Allen. God has truly blessed the band with 2 living testimonies. Dea. Michael Matthews daughter when she was born the doctors stated she would not live pass 6 months old. Sis. Micale- Renee Matthews is currently 15 years old. She is an honor student for the last 2 years. She enjoys her church family, her favorite song is “How Great is our God”. Sis. Stanton the doctors stated that there was nothing that they could do for her. Sis. Stanton was given a few months to live but today she is a survivor who loves the Lord. She is a faithful member who attends her weekly services virtually and in person. Sis. Micale and Sis. Stanton both of them are an inspiration to all.

The Brockton Massachusetts Mission, is under the leadership of Elder Josephine Evans. She leads a group of determined individuals who help the Mission progress and flourish towards the Kingdom of God.

Through evangelistic outreach, fundraising, donating, caring and providing for the sick and homeless and so much more. The Lord has blessed the mission to have added 7 new members who live in Maine via the expanded online Zoom Ministry.


The Mission thrives in doing everything they can do to the glory and honor of the Lord. The Lord is blessing our membership in physical numbers and most of all spiritually. Please continue to lift our Church home up in prayer as God has greater and bigger things in store for us.

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