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For Immediate Release Chief Overseer's Branch Office

May 7, 2021

Amendments and Examples Regarding Ordination

1. Adhere to pages 80-83 of General Decree, “If acceptable, each acceptable answer should be marked with ‘G’ and each unacceptable answer with ‘B.’ If there is a necessary number of ‘G’s’to the credit of the Minister, then let the minister or ministers proceed to perform the ordination according to the decree of the Church. If there is an excessive number of ‘B’s’ let the minister or ministers be not accepted, but rejected until they are better qualified.”

2. Trial Bishops should be ordained, according to the Decree. Mother Tate recorded the following:“No bishops shall be ordained bishops unless there is a diocese for them to preside in. Bishops shall be ordained and appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death, disability, or removal of some state bishop in the Church, or to take charge of a new state territory or diocese of theChurch.” General Decree, Page 37. Moreover, it has been practiced in the House of God Church to appoint Trial Bishops to a territory and then ordain them after they have successfully passed the test. The Chief Overseer can appoint or (place on trial) trial bishops for a period of time and ordain part or all of them at the time designated by the Chief Overseer. General Decree, Pages 36 & 37.

3. Divine Appointments to Office. “All appointed to office in this Church must be by divine appointment after a full qualification of ability has been ascertained by proper authority of the Church.” General Decree Page 66. Moreover, “All appointments to office must have distinguished work and accomplishments along with continued obedience.” General Decree, Page 35.

4. “The supreme appointing power to offices in the Church is and shall be invested chiefly in the Chief Overseer.” General Decree, Page 66.

5. If any candidate is denied ordination at the Local, State or National levels for any reason, the candidate will have the right to appeal his or her case directly to the Office of the Chief Overseer, who may hear the case with the assistance of a Special Committee and a final decision will be rendered.


***Funeral Services and Necrological Arrangements will be announced once available.

-Chief Overseer's Press Office

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