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International Adjutants Ministry Announce 2021 -2022 Application

IAM (International Adjutants' Ministry) announce the application process for those interested in serving with the International Adjutants Ministry.

The Adjutancy is a ministry of service. Adjutants serve with good conduct, character, and behavior. The Adjutancy serves as aide or assistant to the Bishop. SERVING IS MINISTRY. The Bible declares in Mark 10:44, ‘The son of man did not come to be served, but to serve.’ The Adjutancy is a collective of saved individuals humbly endowed with the anointing to serve in the spirit of humility, special dedication, excellence and a willing mind to serve.

Individuals appointed to the Adjutancy must be men and women of godly character and saintly decorum. They are always appropriately dressed, punctual, prepared, polite, trustworthy, discreet, poised, and dignified at all times; never show-boating or seeking the applause of men. They must have a good rapport with all levels of leadership in the church. 1st Corinthians 12 enumerates some of the gifts that God set in the church. Among those giftings the Apostle Paul lists the gift of "helps". An Adjutant is a helper, supporter, and aide to those who are in Episcopal and Apostolic leadership. The word ‘Adjutant’ comes from the Latin word "adjutare" meaning to helpfully aid or assist.

**Please Forward ALL completed and signed applications to the IAM at**

UpdateAdjutants Application - 2021
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